{t:High Flying Adored}
{st:Andrew Lloyd Webber}

G              Bm       C          D7
High flying, adored, so young, the instant queen,
G                Bm        C                 D7
a rich beautiful thing, of all the talents a cross between a
F              C             D7
fantasy of the bedroom and a saint.
Am                  C
And you were just a back street girl,
D                      C
hustling and fighting, scratching and biting.
G            Bm          C                   D7
High flying, adored, did you believe in your wildest moments,
G                 Bm          C                D7           G
all this would be yours, that you`d become the lady of them all?
           F             D7                    G
Were there stars in your eyes when you crawled in at night,
         F                    D7            Bm     Em       Bm Em
from the bars, from the sidewalks, from the gutter theatrical?
C          G            Am         C      F   D
Don`t look down, it`s a long, long way to fall.
G            Bm           C                  D7
High flying, adored, what happens now, where do you go from 
G                         Bm         C           D7
For someone on top of the world, the view is not exactly clear,
  F                C             D7
a shame you did it all at twenty-six.
Am           C              D                       C
There are no mysteries now, nothing can thrill you, no one fulfill you.
G            Bm      C                  D7
High flying, adored, I hope you come to terms  with boredom.
G             Bm           C                D7              G
So famous, so easily,   so soon, is not the wisest thing to be.
          F            D7                  G
You won`t care if they love you, it`s been done before,
       F               D7                  Bm             Em    Bm  Em
You`ll despair if they hate you, you`ll be drained of all energy,
C       G             Am        C   F    D
all the young, who`ve made it would agree.
G            Bm                C                  7
High flying, adored, I´ve been called names, but they`re the strangest,
G                Bm           C           D7                G
my story`s quite usual, local girl, makes good, weds famous man.
      F           D7                 G
I was slap in the right place at the perfect time,
           F          D7         Bm             Am      Bm Em
filled the gap, I was lucky, but one thing I`ll say for me
C      G        Am      C      G
no one else can fill it like I can.