Early years

Hi. My name is Stewart Payne. I have been wandering around ESMB for a while and made a few posts. Time to tell my story.
I got into Scientology in 1977 in Adelaide. The org in those days was in Pulteney Street having moved not so long ago from a house is Restormal Avenue Fullarton.
Adelaide was affected by the fallout from the Anderson Enquiry. Initially a lot of Victorians moved to Adelaide and the org did well. Then the SA Parliament passed legislation effectively banning Scientology. It went underground and changed its name to “The Church of the New Faith”.  In the late 70s the Psychological Practices Act had been changed to exclude scientology so it could make something of a come back. 
The org in Pulteney Street was a complete hole. The cheapest bit of real estate available. However the rent was affordable and the org was able to expand.  Several of the staff were sent to Flag for exec training including Andrew Simes who was appointed ED.
When I got involved the org was being run by SO garrison missionaries, David and Tina Myers.  Andrew arrived back to great fanfare in early 1978.
I had a friend who got involved in Scio; Chris Francis.  Chris was an old school friend and we played in bands for a number of years.  Chris had wins from auditing and disseminated to me. 
I enrolled in the com course which was a sort of medium hard trs course for public in those days.  It was meant to be a reasonably quick introductory course before getting into the more meaty stuff.  Communication was my particular button and I was keen on achieving the ep of the course, which was to be at ease communicating to anyone or some such. 
I spend about 4 weeks on the course, spending some hours at TR 0 trying for a major stable win which I interpreted to mean exterior with full perceptions.
The ED, David want me to complete on the course and told me that I would not get all the gains of scientology out of the com course and that I should attest and move on to other things.
I then went on the Student Hat which had all the old unedited SHBC tapes with explanations of R6EW.   Also got my first exposure to KSW  which I guess I was more concerned to ensure I didn’t leave a word misunderstood than the real content of that policy letter.  I was told by the supervisor that I would have to redo the course from the point of the MU so I was  careful about ensuring I knew the words. Because there were some pretty meaty case concepts in the student hat especially in the tapes, I felt I got a pretty good education about scio in that course.  
I then went on to study the HSDC – Standard Dianetics Course. I had to do three practical sessions to pass the course. I took my last pc into session at about 11am on Thursday. This was the Flag Rep of the local org, Duncan Grant, when orgs actually could have someone on that post.  Good fellow.
Anyhow, we got out of session before 2pm and I managed to complete within the obligatory time frame. Didnt get to do too much auditing after that. 

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