Cause I was reasonably well presented, and could study well etc, I came under interest from both SO and GO recruiters.    I was more interested in the GO area and Adelaide Org has an impressive garrison missionare on post; Audrey Devlin, who was I believe a class 8 auditor, OEC done at Flag when it was on the ship. She was OT 4 also.   Audrey was a very stable terminal for the org and took it from Restormal Ave to Pulteney Street and built up good reserves from the sale of the house and tight financial controls. 
Audrey saw in me a chance to complete her mission and get back to Sydney which was her home. 
I was groomed over a period of several months, and eventually recruited onto org staff to replace Audrey at Assistant Guardian Adelaide.
At the time I was recruited, there was increasing pressure on the GO and there were fears that there would be raids by intelligence agencies. We had to go through all the documentation and destroy or doctor all documentation held in GO files.   This was a huge amount of stuff.   Anything from LRH (who did write guardian orders including the Snow White program) was edited to remove any evidence of authorship. In the case of LRH Guardian Orders, these were signed  just “R”.  Any names, or other details which might incriminate individuals were culled out of the documents. We ended up with filing cabinets full of doctored documents which large black lines or actual pieces of paper cut out.  Many late night were spent reviewing all our documentation and sanitising it in this way. I don’t remember very much of juicy details of material we culled from files.  Just the tell tale “R” and names and various events which might tend to reveal identities and incriminate people. 
I joined staff in Feb 1978.  By about April May it was determined that I was capable of operating things on my own having had 2 weeks training in each of the GO “Bureaus”; Intelligence (B1) PR, Social Coordination, Legal and a HR type branch which was there to ensure GO staff got training and auditing.   Audrey then returned to Sydney   Because of Audrey’s influence and her desire to return and get me properly on post, she organised for me to have auditing as a priority.  I got quite a lot of dianetics auditing and a little while later went on to grades.
After about 3  or 4 weeks on my own, I began to experience a lot of difficulty on post having to handle things on my own. I  got hauled up to Sydney for additional hatting, pep talks etc.  After about a year or so I got a bit more stable on post.  Also managed to recruit or have arrive in the GO a few more staff to ease the load somewhat.
My schedule generally was 9am to  2 – 3am Monday and Tuesday. Little earlier on Wednesday and Thursday, about 11pm and Friday not too late. In those days GO staff could go to the pub on  a Friday night.   I was generally on post on Sunday from about 1pm till about tea time.  Sat was generally a day off when I did my moonlighting ativity "wog job" , including cleaning a couple of city offices and polishing a big shop floor with my industrial buffer.  I did  my office cleaning job every night after evening meal for about an hour before I went on post in the evening.  I spent about 4 hours on the weekend at my cleaning jobs.  Also got a job washing dishes latter on in the piece. So I didn’t have to try and live on org pay supplemented by the dole as many did. Org pay ranged from nothing up to $100 sometimes.  
With my cleaning jobs, I was able to save money so I could afford to buy my OT levels. 
So looking at this I guess I was pretty steady, not in any way remarkable, I just kept at it.  After a few months being on post particularly on my own, my dislike of being on staff increased.  But there were various consolations. The org was doing OK,  I didn’t mind my seniors who were generally sane and reasonable people. The org staff were good to be with  and my little GO crew were a good bunch too. 
I got a fair bit of dianetics auditing which I continued to receive after I was on my own. This was in the days when auditing was seen to be beneficial to staff and it was considered they would improve if they got some..  Anyhow, I went dianetic clear  and went on to get quad grades from a student auditor which didn’t really do much for me. 
After that I was ready to do my OT levels which I had been salting money away for, especially when the prices were actually affordable.   Think  OT 1 – 3 package was under $1000 when they brought the really low prices in. So I managed, with the half price staff discount to get these paid for, plus OT 4.
So things continued for a few years pretty much in a routine. 
There was the saga of the help wanted ad  which flooded the org with hopeful people looking for a real job. This caused a very bad pr scene and eventually brought on an enquiry of sorts with court action. There was legislation or some ruling which prevented the org from lodging deceitful job adverts. Initially the classified job advert was seen to be a very successful action. It was cooked up by Tom Reid and Andrew Simes, our OEC/FEBC execs.   While this was bringing lots of new people in it was seen to be a great action. Then the shit hit the fan and the org’s actions were curtailed.   There was an issue supposedly written by LRH about this activity and how bad it was and which mentioned that Tom and Andrew had been declared for dreaming it up.  Only problem was that Tom was still on Adelaide staff not declared at all.   So, Tom promptly got declared  to ensure the correctness of source.  Don’t quite remember what happened to Andrew around this time.  I think he did actually blow when things got hot. 
We are getting into the early 80s with harsher ethics action coming in. With Andrew and Tom gone, and staff being whittled away a mission was sent to Adelaide to clean up the field.  I was in the GO still. This was the start of the end for the GO. A CMO mission came to town (Henderson and Jane (?)). I had the job of calling in the field to be interviewed by missionaries.  Got my first taste of a gang bang type sec check when I made an inadvertent comment about sending the next victim in to see the missionaries.   The two missionaires ordered me into the interview room and demanded me tell that what I had done to have uttered such a belligerent comment. After haranguing me for a half an hour or so I gave up some withhold that they didn’t really think was bad enough but let me go anyway.
Around this time I got into a lot of trouble for selling a David Mayo endorsed cal mag substitute called Calm to purif students in order to make money to pay off GO legal bills.  We had a couple of libel actions going, and the org was not making enough to pay its regular bills let alone legal costs. So, I imported several boxes of this stuff, after having been put onto it from someone in the field who had been to Flag and began to sell it to students on the purif. 
Managed to make several hundred dollars and pay off a number of bills when unbeknown to me, David Mayo was ex-communicated and anything with his endorsement became immediately evil and out tech.   Me selling this to purif students was a heinous tech degrade and I was in serious deep shit.   I was summoned to Sydney where I underwent a joburg sec check delivered by Joe Cartwright’s missus, whose name I cant remember (Sue I am now advised). She really resented having to do this and wanted to get it finished really quickly as much as I did.   The mission which was previously in Adelaide had moved to Sydney and was stationed in the FOLO area. Anyhow, I got through the jo-burg and wrote up my conditions, got my liability signed after suitable amends, put on a brave face to the missionaries and was allowed to go home after about a week or two in penury. 

Few weeks later, this missionaire lady who was being CLO FOLO rang me as she had heard I had sold a property and that I had come into some cash. She wanted ANZO to win the birthday game and this was contingent upon me loaning some guy in Perth I had never met and didnt know at all, $3,500 to buy an LRH library.  So all the continental stats were down to me. I was not keen at all to do this but as I had just survived a heavy ethics scene and didnt want a repeat, I foolishly coughed up the dough which was promptly never seen again.  I didnt even get the library, apart from a few books.   As this money was a good part of my share of the proceeds of the sale of a unit my parents had bought for me and my siblings and a reasonable amount of money in the early 80s its loss caused me considerable problems.  
Back in Adelaide for a while, there were heavy ethics actions going down.   There was a considerable flap due to a lady who got regged of her entire inheritance – about $50,000  then wanting a refund. This matter was raised in parliament and an enquiry was instituted.   A mission came to town to handle this, but they stuffed it up and the enquiry went ahead anyway.  Wasn’t too much of a hatchet job. I think the outcome was that there was to be a suitable cooling off period implemented in reg cycles which was promptly ignored by the org and it was business as usual. 
Anyhow, with the mission gone, and several of my GO staff either routed out, or called up to Sydney for ethics handling, it was me left on my own in the GO. The GO was now more or less totally defunct with ex staff being either handled or declared.   The really “bad” ones, like Maureen and Peter Sparshot got declared. Very much an injustice really particularly for Peter.  I had to go to Sydney to do a decks program which is like a mild form of an RPF I guess. We were supposed to know that all we were doing was of-policy and contrary to LRH.  Though he had written a lot of Guardian Orders we operated upon.  As others had written GOs  this was seen to be a criminal outness and of course we were meant to see through this and not have gone along with it.  So as ex GO staff our ethics handling had this strange unreality about them. We were required to confess all these crimes of following GO orders and doing GO programs we were required to do.

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